Teachers and Staffs

  • Rector

    Mr. Bansari Mohan Halder was born on 28th of April in the year 1942 at Kathalberia in 24 Parganas (South). After completion of the study he established an Institute for primary education for the children of the rural community. Later in the year 1967 he established Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama Institute a broader version of his school in Baruipur, 24 Parganas (South). He is pioneer in giving a concrete shape of primary education system in almost every part of 24 Parganas (South). He is a renowned child educationist showed the way of unique teaching method for both in English as well as in Bengali. His books “Ek a tin” and “Three in One” gained enormous popularity and recognized as visionary guide for both English and Bengali medium schools in the vicinity. In the year 1983 he was awarded in Birla Academy for “Best Lyricist” for composing several songs for the children published in Puja edition. He has become renowned with title “Ideal Teacher’ bestowed by District Cultural Committee, 24 Parganas (South) in the year 1988.

  • Secretary

    From the very first day Mrs. Smritirekha Halder, our secretary, is associated with the organizational activities of the institution. She is extremely determined in her principle and inclined towards the goal of the institution. Her proactive attitude and creative mindset have always added value to the institution’s prosperity.

  • Headmistress(High-School)

    For the last 36 years Mrs. Radha Guhathakurta is portraying an enlighten pathway to the students of our institution. Her compassionate approach made the teachers, the guardian and the staffs of our school more cumulative and collective. She is known for her leadership capabilities and innovative ideas which in turn have always given direction to the staffs and inspired for better execution. Her gratifying quality, submissive nature, perfect principle and good discipline have immense effect on the overall advancement of the institution.

  • Headmistress(Primary)

    Mrs. Gitasree Chakraborty is associated with the institution for the last three decades and currently continuing as the Headmistress of the primary section of the school. She is extensively connected with the teaching method and its active practice within the institution. Her vigilant approach, compassionate analysis and enormous contribution in every aspect within the organization are really commendable.

  • Cultural Director

    In-spite of being an established artist Mr. Ratindranath Chakraborty has spent more than three decades in our institution and vividly writes stories, songs, poems and paintings for our school children. His valuable thoughts have made the institution’s cultural division an affluent entity. He has placed the institution in a unique platform with remarkable music, varied colour, charming rhythm and amazing shades.

  • Trustee Board

    Trustee Board members are the most significant authority within the institution. This board is a combination of niche individual and proactively direct the entire organisation. Organisation’s change and development depends on the discrete decision of the Trustee board members and their rational overview elevates the goodwill of the institution to a supreme platform. Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama Institute has completed a journey of 50 Years with able leadership of the Trustee Board members and presently the institution is firmly placed in the vicinity with indefinite repute.

    ( Mr. Bansari Mohan Halder, Mrs.Smriti Rekha Halder,

    Mr. Tuhin Halder, Mrs.Sampurna Biswas, Ms Sankari Ghosh,

    Mrs.Radha Guhathakurta, Mrs.Gitasree Chakraborty )

  • High School

    We vowed ourselves to dedicate our lives for evolution of conscience among pupil with beautiful mind. We slake the thirst for knowledge of the youngsters, answer the curious students and help in blooming of the dreams of little ones. Our character, nature and behaviour must show a correct path to the children so that they can become a genuine individual in their lives. We are raising the pupil in such a way that they are not only successful in academic sphere but also highly recognised for their macro level accomplishment in the socio-economic orb. We have promised to carry forward the vision of our founder to the enormity. Let us all infuse in the core of the learner’s heart a motto “we can accomplish, we can achieve.”

  • Baruipur Morning (Primary)

    Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama Institute is at the verge semi-centennial year celebration. Our cohesive effort will definitely lift up the fame of the institution. We adore our institution and determined to see the overall growth of the organisation.

  • Baruipur Day (Primary)

    “Ghumiye Ache Sokol Pita Sob Sishuri Ontore”

    We have pledged to materialise the dream of our founder and determined to shape up the boundless hidden potential within the kids in our institution.

  • Harinavi Branch (Primary)

    A child is optimist and their dreams are pure and sanctified. A true teacher should always help and support a student to convert their dreams into reality. “Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow”

  • Champahati Branch (Primary)

    After 36 years of arduous journey of Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama Institute the Champahati Unit of the institution was established on 10th of January in the year 2003. At present the unit is flourished with 1000 students and splendidly functioning with 50 numbers of teachers and staffs. With the comprehensive effort of the guardians we look forward for meritorious students as assets of our institution.

  • Managerial Committee

    Managerial Committee members are pivotal in shaping up the organisational structure of the Institution. We put-forth our best to spread the aura and essence of the institution among the teachers and staffs. The prime objective of the managerial committee is to materialise the vision and mission of the Trustee Board members. We resolve issues, liaison with people and constantly monitor the growth graph of the institution and communicate thoroughly with all the other board members for a win-win situation.

    ( Mr. Ratindranath Chakraborty, Mr. Purusattam Halder,

    Mrs. Ananya Roy, Mrs. Manjushree Roychowdhury. )

  • Unit Incharge (Primary)

    In accordance with the value and vision of the founder of our institution, we maintain cordial relationship with guardian and guide the pupil to learn disciplined behaviour and relevant lessons. We are responsible for student’s punctuality, checking of school uniform, teacher’s regularity, personnel punctuality, classroom monitoring, class-routine arrangement, and job distribution. Our sole aim is to sustain the progress and the goodwill of the institution.

    Mrs. Karabi Bhattacharjee, Mrs. Sweta Das Banerjee,

    Mrs. Manjushree Roy Chowdhury, Mrs. Swapna Chakraborty,

    Mrs. Laksmi Banerjee

  • Supervisory Sub-Committee

    All the members of supervisory sub-committee look after all kinds of supervisory works of respective units and responsible for constant developmental operation and regular work in the Institution. Within the organisation this committee is evitable and the main objectives of the supervisory sub-committee are crisis management and optimum resource management.

    (Mrs.Madhuri Chakraborty, Mrs.Sweta Das Banerjee,

    Mrs.Lakshmi Banerjee, Mrs.Swapna Chakraborty,

    Mrs.Karabi Bhattcharjee, Mrs.Sanghamitra Guho, Mrs. Kalpana Sarkar.)

  • Expert Teacher Sub Committee

    The duty of the committee is to enrich the academic part of the institution. Framing questions, preparing syllabus and lesson plan for the entire academic year, conducting guardian seminar and teachers’ workshop, class checking are the main activities of this committee. We perform these duties with utmost sincerity and responsibility.

    Mrs. Ratna Banerjee & Mrs. Susmita Mukherjee

    (Expert Teacher Sub Committee Incharge)

  • Event Management Sub-Committee

    The members of the event management sub-committee listen to the direction of our rector Mr. Bansari Mohan Halder and organize the entire cultural and educational programme within the institution. We are the team who arrange infrastructure for Ed. Seminars, Guardian Seminars, Ed. Camps, Cultural Events, Periodical Fairs and Gala Events, Picnic, Ed. Tours etc. Event management sub-committee is responsible for seamless functioning of any event and always assure the best of our services in the future.'

    Mr. Debasish Sarkar

    (Event Management Incharge)

  • Cultural Department

    The Primary objective of education is to grow the mental and moral qualities of a student. Good quality mind is the genesis of positive mental attitude in a child, thus we thrive for nourishing the children’s mind with the implementation of art and within the institution. We have made compulsory the practice of dance, singing, recitation, acting, painting, fine-arts and audio visual classes in the institution. We have a group of renowned artists engaged as teachers in the department of the organization. All the members of this department abide the instruction of the Director of the institution and vividly follow an established curriculum.

    Mr. Ratindranath Chakraborty


  • Office Staff

    " The team of the back office works in an extremely coordinated manner in order to excel in their periphery. The members are qualified enough to turn out better outcome all the time and extremely professional which makes the environment affirmative and robust. Keeping in mind that “Work is Worship”, all office members deliver their best and obey the guidance of the senior management."

    Mr. Kausik Ghosh

    (Office Incharge)

  • Medical Staff

    'Bear in mind that “the first wealth is health”, I monitor the health and food habit of the children within the institution. For the last 23 years I put-forth preliminary solution for any ailment occurrence of the staffs within the institution.'

    Mrs. Supriya Bhandari

    (Medical Staff)

  • Menials

    We abide the discipline of the institution and perform our duties with maximum sincerity. All the members of this group look after the children with extreme care and compassion. Apart from keeping cordial relationship with the guardian of the students, we are very concerned about all the staffs within the organization and always render our services with intense honesty.

    Mrs. Sathi Das

    (Menial Incharge)

  • Sub Staff

    "We are responsible for aesthetic look of the school building of all the three units. All the construction work, logistics management, fleet management within the units are crucial and these tasks remain unaffected with the stout contribution of our team."

    Mr. Moslem Sardar

    (Sub-Staff Head)