About Institution

Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama Institute was founded on the 16th day of January 1967 and directed by a Board of Trustees. Influenced by the idealism of Thakur Sri Ramakrishnadeb, Ma Saradadebi & Swami Vivekananda the institution is solely aimed at building an ideal educational platform for children of diverse merit.

Imparting proper guidance, discipline and education to the off-spring is strenuous due to countless burdens on the parents and the families which are nuclear in the recent times. The Institution has been established to take steps in educating and guiding the children with the help of various attractive module and gadgets to make the young more cheerful and intelligible about future concept. Puppet-plays related to classroom subjects have been introduced by the Institution which is an innovative teaching method indeed. Journals and Educative Cultural programme are arranged by the Institution to escalate the cultural instincts of the children. The entire effort of the institution is to mould the kiddies in such a way that they can be fit for comprehending future studies anywhere in the world.